July 19, 2024

Indonesia has several fashion schools that can hone your interests and talents in the fashion world. In fact, this fashion school does not only focus on making designs and clothes, you know. Some also offer programs with broader majors such as fashion business management, fashion marketing, to styling. One of them, like ESMOD Jakarta! Yup, this well-known fashion school is not only popular—the education is high-quality and exclusive. You must be curious, “Hmm, if it gets this good, how much does it cost to study at ESMOD?”. Well, the cost is super worth it with the learning that you will get.

tuition fees at esmod

Before going deeper and you can prepare tuition fees at ESMOD, it’s a good idea to get to know this fashion school first! ESMOD jakarta is one of the Fashion universities in Jakarta. From ESMOD International to being the world’s first fashion school—Mrs. Hartini Hartarto brought ESMOD to Jakarta in 1996, after observing the interest in skills and fashion among young Indonesians. The good thing is, ESMOD Jakarta also has advantages that can improve professional fashion education and make you compete in the global market.

What are the advantages of ESMOD compared to other schools? We’re gonna take it one by one and believe me you will be amazed! Here are some facts that make ESMOD have a very good reputation as a Fashion school in Indonesia:

1.International Level Education

ESMOD Jakarta maintains a close relationship with ESMOD International, especially Paris, to continue to innovate and provide education of international standard. So, you can be sure that 

the learning system, approach, and facilities you get will be both high-end and of high quality!

2. Professional Teaching Staff

ESMOD teaching staff is a ‘collaboration’ of international and national talents. You will face lectures directly by three lecturers who are imported from France. Almost all of them have experience in the fashion industry, have established reputations with well-known brands or designers, and have even set up their own businesses. You’re gonna learn from the best and the most!

3. Broad Specialization

This school focuses on fashion and business, so you can gain knowledge as a fashion designer as well as a fashion entrepreneur after entering the work industry. They offer Fashion Design & Pattern-Making, Fashion Design & Creation, International Fashion Business, and Short Course options. Free to choose according to your interests or passion!

ESMOD also provides a great opportunity where you can show yourself at the famous Fashion event, namely Jakarta Fashion Week. Uwaah, more fun! Not to mention, you can take part in several fashion design competitions organized by ESMOD to show your talent. Hmm.. it’s time to show your art!

4. Delivering Successful Alumni

Whether it’s from fashion magazines, news, or from social media like Instagram, at least you must have heard or stopped by the accounts of famous designers. Dian Pelangi, Ria Miranda, and Sapto Djojokartiko? They are successful and famous Indonesian designers who graduated from ESMOD Jakarta, you know. Very cool! Can you imagine what the facilities and learning at ESMOD are like to give birth to a row of successful alumni?

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